The city where the gods died.

Could it be that they passed sentence by using the slogan, "Añasco: Where the Gods Died"? It indeed highlights the fact that the first indigenous rebellion against the Spanish regime occurred in the waters of the Río Grande de Añasco.


With your permission, I ask you to imagine that precise moment that marked a change in the history of our colonization.


The Taínos thought:
"How the hell can we know if these Spaniards are really gods? There is only one way to prove it!"

The spaniards thought:
"We have robbed them of all their wealth and on top of this, we have their souls captivated at the thought that we have supernatural powers. This is 'a piece of cake'; we just hope it will last us forever."


The master plan:
The Taínos agreed on a master plan, which could not fail since they were on the river bank waiting for the passage of their feared "Spanish Gods". Diego Salcedo was in the middle of the waters when suddenly the indians pounced on him. His attempts to look for air puffs were futile, his weak movements were lapidary and there he was, drowned in the waters of the second largest river in Puerto Rico.

The Taínos thought:
"It's done, he's drowned", now let's see if he comes back to life, and we'll know for sure if they are real gods!"

History reveal that the Taínos remained waiting for that miracle for several days, that of course, never happened; and it gave way to a national cry of struggle and resistance.

Today as an eternal memory of that moment, a sculpture is shown on our town's square in Añasco, which is known as THE DROWNING OF SALCEDO.

If it were up to me, I would change the names of the main characters, for that of a true hero: that instinct and common sense of our Taínos to claim what was always theirs.

Note: Taínos is the name of the native Indians of Puerto Rico.

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José "Tito" Estévez

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