Ride the waves of paradise.

Domes Beach is one of the most recognized beaches worldwide.  It became famous since the 1968 World Surfing Championship, which was held at Domes and Maria's Beaches. It is named after the dome of the old nuclear plant called BONUS (Boiling Nuclear Superheater) that was established there in 1960, which reactor was decommissioned between 1969 and 1970. 


Domes is located right on the point of Rincon (see map) past the Punta Higuera Lighthouse, about 100 yards at the end of the road.

The best time of the year to surf it is the winter, in which waves can approach 25–30 feet (6.7m) in height. But for locals is more of a half a year season that starts in October and ends by April most of the time. 


Rincon, is a beautiful small town treasured by people from many parts of the world and mostly known for its surf-able beaches during the winter. Surf, is also an economic engine for the town and the west area of the Puerto Rico Island.

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Written by:

Magaly Martínez


Pics by:

Alejandro Ramos Morales


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